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Safe Trading Tips

Tips for Buyers will make every effort to keep this marketplace a safe place for the stock lot trading community

never sees, takes possession of, inspects, or authenticates any of the goods for sale. Therefore, you should follow the guidelines provided below and always apply the same common sense that you do in your everyday life.
Before bidding or buying

Before you bid or buy, make sure you are comfortable with the listing and the seller.

Evaluate the listing Review the shipping and other terms and conditions.
Know the item Confirm the authenticity of the item. If you have questions, use the Ask seller a question link in the listing. Use common sense. If something seems too good to be true, it often is.
Know the seller Check the seller's Feedback Profile.
Review the seller's current items to get an idea of this person's areas of expertise.

If you are unable to contact the seller, do not bid on or buy the item.
Make sure your seller can communicate with you Update your contact information, including your email address, whenever it changes.

Tip: If the seller offers to sell you the item directly without bidding on and winning the item on, please don't respond. Instead, report it to us immediately.

Know what you are buying

Knowing more about what you are buying helps you make a confident and informed decision:
  • Read the item description and the seller's terms and conditions carefully, including payment options, shipping costs and return policies.
  • Closely examine photographs to assess an item's condition.
  • Ask the seller specific questions about their selling policies and the quality and condition of an item - especially if a description or photo is not clear, and wait for satisfactory reply before bidding or buying.
  • Remember, there are great bargains on Stocks2Bid.Com but if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Do your homework.

Get to know your Seller

In addition to reviewing a member's Feedback it is important to learn even more about your seller so you can make informed choices about your purchases:
  • View the sellers other items to assess the overall quality and type of items the seller trades.
  • Ask the seller a question to learn more about them and the item. Ask questions about the quality and condition of the item, shipping costs and accepted methods of payment.
  • Be wary of sellers who respond slowly or try to entice you to trade outside of Stocks2Bid.Com.

Before sending payment

If you are the winning bidder you automatically enter into a contract with the Seller and you are obligated to purchase and pay for the item.

  • But at the same time learn what you can do to protect yourself before sending payment to your seller. Learn as much as you can about your seller.
  • Contact the seller to arrange payment. If you have a problem communicating with the seller through email after youíve won the item, you can request the sellerís contact information (including a phone number).
  • Use safe payment methods like Letter of Credit.
  • Exercise caution with international transactions, as well as high-priced and popular items.
  • Donít pay with cash or with instant money transfer services, such as Western Union.
  • Keep records of all purchases.

Protect Yourself By Ordering for Samples

Even if you have to pay for a sample before committing to a purchase in order to be sure that the product meets your expectations. It will be well worth the cost.

Use Pre-Shipment Inspection Services

You can protect yourself against poor quality by ordering a pre-shipment inspection of the products. Conducting a statistical sampling of goods is highly recommended. You can demand the inspection as a condition to payment.

Resolving transaction problems

If you ever have a transaction problem, be sure to communicate with your seller. If you need assistance, can help you resolve the problem

About the buyerís commitment to purchase

If youíre the winning bidder youíre obligated to purchase and pay for the item. All bids are active until the auction ends.

When sellers donít receive payment for an item, they can file an unpaid item case. A case may be resolved when the buyer pays or both trading partners decide to cancel or otherwise work out the transaction. If the case isn't resolved, we may record an unpaid item on the buyer's account. Unpaid items can lead to take actions such as account restriction or suspension. If you feel you received an unpaid item unfairly and want it removed from your account, you can talk to the seller or appeal the unpaid item.

Protect Yourself Against Payment Risk

The scammers never accept L/C (Letter of Credit) as a term of payment. They prefer Western Union, or T/T. Always insist payment via L/C if it is a new supplier.

A supplier may ask for a deposit (usually 10% to 30%). While this is not unusual between long-standing trading partners, if you are doing business with the supplier for the first time, make sure you have done sufficient background checks on the supplier before you agree to the deposit, or ask for a different form of payment. While transferring money, make sure your payment is only transferred into a company's bank account. Avoid sending payments to a personal bank account.

Tips for Sellers

Trust & Safety fosters trust between members through the development and enforcement of rules and policies, the creation of reputation-building programs, and the prevention of fraud. To help the community trade safely and build trust with one another, offers the following tools, programs, and resources:

Feedback Score Feedback Score fosters trust between people by acting as both an incentive to do the right thing and as a mark of distinction for those who conduct transactions with respect, honesty, and fairness.

Through positive, negative and neutral ratings and comments, maintains Feedback Score for each member. This score will be displayed for each user in the item listing page.

Use of our guidelines and your common sense will help you trade safely

  • Stocks2Bid.Com provides a feedback system, trust & safety advice and openly available information and tools - it is important that you use all of these advice and the tools to make sensible trading choices.
  • To be protected by Stocks2Bid.Com 's safety it is essential you always complete your transaction on the site - do not trade outside of Stocks2Bid.Com with people you meet at Stocks2Bid.Com.
  • Use safe payment methods while transacting on Stocks2Bid.Com.

    Only use secure payment methods to protect yourself, such as L/C payment or a third-party payment service or an escrow service. Be cautious of companies from countries which are often targeted by scammers. We have received reports of fraudulent buyers who are mainly from Nigeria, Benin, and other African countries.

    Look out for Fraudulent Cheques or Money Orders.

    If you receive a cheque or money order for an amount that exceeds the successful bid, and the buyer asks that you wire the excess funds back to him or to a third party, do not wire the money. Instead, return the cheque to the buyer, and do not ship the merchandise.

    Be careful if buyers insist on paying by credit cards because they might be using stolen or invalid credit cards. If you choose to accept credit cards, contact the company that has issued the card to verify that the name on the card matches both the shipping information and the contact information you've received.

    Be cautious of buyers who are not concerned with the cost, quality, delivery time of the product and don't want to discuss more details about the product with you. Generally speaking, a serious buyer should be very concerned about such information.

    Use tracking services when shipping. To help ensure that your items arrive in a timely manner, and to help prevent fraudulent buyers from claiming that they never received an item (when, in fact, they did), use a shipping service that includes tracking, or consider paying or charging extra for tracking services.

What to do if something goes wrong
It is very rare that something goes wrong with a transaction, but if it does, there are several options available to you:
  • You should first contact your trading partner and try to resolve the problem. Most buyers and sellers are honest and reliable, and often the cause is a simple misunderstanding or lack of communication. Request your seller's contact information and give them a phone call.
  • Remember that your shipping insurance can help to recover funds lost in a transaction. Make sure you understand the policies of the payment provider you are using and the time frame in which you can file a claim.

Protect your online accounts

  • Exercise caution when receiving communications from outside the Stocks2Bid.Com community.
  • Select a secure password that is a combination of letters and numbers to protect your account information - never choose an obvious word such as 'password', your email address, your name, your family's names or birth dates.
  • If you receive a request to update your personal information and you do not feel comfortable about the source of the email, do not click on links in the email - simply open a new browser, type Stocks2Bid.Com, sign-in and use the Site Map to navigate the site.
  • Watch out for "spoof" emails. A spoof email may appear as though it has come from a trusted company (including Stocks2Bid.Com) - if in doubt, do not click on links from emails.
  • Exercise caution if an email requests personal information such as credit card details or passwords. In the same way that you never tell anyone, even the bank teller, your PIN number, you should always protect your private information, including passwords.
  • Regularly check your account and preferences to make sure there is no unauthorised activity.
Happy and safe trading!

Tips for Bidding

Searching Products

SEARCH for the product or Click BROWSE ITEMS and select the product in which you are interested.

Verify Details

Verify all the details including shipping, quantity available, and condition of the items while posting for Post Items for Sale.

Ask Seller a Question

Ask the seller any questions you have by clicking Ask seller a question (cannot find web page) on product detail page.

Participate in the Bidding Process

Once you satisfy yourself and are serious about buying a Stocks2Bid item, it's time to participate in the Bidding process.

Visit Bidding Page

Visit the Bidding page frequently while the bidding process is on or click Watch this Item (cannot find web page) checkbox to receive an email if someone bid the product.

Contract with the Seller

If you are the winning bidder, you automatically enter into a contract with the seller.

Representative Sample

If the seller has agreed to send you a representative sample for your approval, then wait for the same. If you have agreed to purchase the items without seeing the sample, then arrange to make the payment as per stipulated payment terms.

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