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About Stocks2Bid.Com

Manufacturers of various textile items (like apparels, bed sheets, fabrics) sometimes get stuck with fully or partially produced goods due to various reasons (cancelled orders, excess production, dispute with buyers). These stock lot holders need to dispose off their inventory at the highest possible price at the quickest possible time.

There are numerous retailers, wholesalers, traders and agents all over the globe looking for such bargains. Stocks2Bid.Com facilitates direct negotiation between buyers and sellers of overstock, closeouts, liquidations, Excess Inventory, Close outs, Liquidations, Cancelled Orders, Production Overrun, Off-priced Items, and Rejected/Seconds/Minor Defective items of different textile items. works like an online B2B market place where suppliers and buyers meet and trade directly, make the best deals, without any intermediary.


1. Sellers (Manufacturers, Traders, Distributors and Agents) worldwide who hold textile stocks display their products on Stocks2Bid.Com.

2. Buyers (Retailers, Traders, Agents, Retail Chains, Wholesalers) all over the globe search among offers and start bidding for the items till the end of the bidding time.

3. Highest Bidder and the Seller of the respective item automatically enter into a Contract of Sale.

4. Seller has to send a representative sample to the Buyer (if agreed and as per terms mentioned in the Seller Posting) and get Buyer’s approval.

5. Buyer opens L/C or uses Escrow account as per payment terms agreed.

6. Seller arranges to ship the goods and completes the transaction.

Benefits of joining Stocks2Bid.Com

  • Search & contact potential buyers & sellers.
  • List your company details & post your products with pictures for FREE...
  • Connect with the Global Stock Lot community!
  • Bid, buy and find bargains from all over the globe !
  • Do business with confidence!
  • Sell your Stock Lot at best possible prices !
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